Thursday, 31 March 2011

Batman Returns - REVIEW

Film of the Day #37

In 1992 Tim Burton brought us Batman Returns a sequel to his 1989 film Batman. Better than the original, Batman Returns proves that Tim Burton was the perfect visionary to direct Michael Keaton as the avenger of Gotham City. This beautiful, dark and twisted film is one of Tim Burton’s best movies and masterfully captures the essence of Batman long before Christopher Nolan.  Although it is more violent and much darker than its predecessor, this is the Batman Bob Kane envisioned many years ago. The film focuses on Batman taking on three enemies: The Penguin wonderfully played by Danny DeVito, Max Shreck superbly played by Christopher Walkern and Catwoman portrayed purrfectly by Michelle Pfeiffer. Some say it’s too dark and depressing but those of you that know me surely then understand why I love this film so much.