Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dog Day Afternoon - REVIEW

Film of the Day #46/ 300

Sidney Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon is an outstanding character-study that is unique, interesting, highly un-conventional and mesmerizingly brilliant in every way. Watching this film will change forever your perception of the bank heist genre, making you question the contrived cinematic conventions these films usually make use of. Dog Day Afternoon is smart, sharp, complex, witty and superbly acted. The film’s strength is its performances and, in particular, Pacino in a performance that is both showy and understated at different times. Dog Day Afternoon is one of Lumet’s grittiest successes and incredibly powerful work, very much of its time. The 1970’s was a decade when major studios hired actors for their talent and writers proud to take on sensitive political and social issues. Dog Day Afternoon is a product of a system that financially backed and strongly promoted movies that had a voice and something to say. This film could never be made today and is a tribute to the late genius of Sidney Lumet.