Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Warriors - REVIEW

Film of the Day #55/ 300

Visually stunning and emotionally gripping, The Warriors is a classic that, after a quarter-century, is still a real treat for anyone who wants to “come out and play-ay!” Tight, terse and tough, director Walter Hill once again proves he has few equals when staging intense confrontations. The Warriors is a cult film that deserves it reputation; the once-notorious gang movie is a now a delightfully retro experience. This movie is an entertaining ode to the appeal of criminality and gangland camaraderie that is a mean, dirty piece of pulp mythology. The Warriors is an action movie of great style and energy, cartoonishly violent, insanely moody and full of memorable costumes and lines. Can you count suckers? Can you dig it? I can, and I highly recommend you do to!