Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Fast and The Furious - REVIEW

Film of the Day #64/ 300

Every so often, we need to pulverize our minds with something slickly generic and absurdly entertaining. Even if your life doesn’t revolve around your carburetor, The Fast and The Furious is the ultimate guilty pleasure. Fast cars, great stunts, cool characters and a pretty decent plot makes The Fast and The Furious an exhilarating ride, that gets your heart pounding and the adrenaline racing through your bloodstream.  Diesel, Walker, Brewster and Rodriguez have undeniable charisma and it’s no wonder that this flashy B-movie was able to attain a cult audience and numerous sequels. The Fast and The Furious is a visually striking thriller that puts the pedal to the metal in the opening minutes and does not take the foot off the accelerator until the end credits. Although critics reacted badly to its release in 2001, The Fast and The Furious went on to earn over one-hundred and fifty million dollars world-wide. And as Dominic Torretto would say ‘It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning’s winning’ and The Fast and The Furious franchise has continued to win in style.