Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Mummy - REVIEW

Film of the Day #66/ 300

Stephen Sommers’ The Mummy is high-testosterone special-effects film-making that revels in its own retro-ness. The film features some spirited performances and The Mummy's action scenes are adroitly staged to show off Brendan Fraser's rugged hero persona to best effect. An adventure movie in the spirit of Indiana Jones, The Mummy digs up both laughs and chills from timeworn material and creates a clever blend of old style adventure and new age special effects. The Mummy uses the formula pioneered by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to create a well-crafted, great looking adventure. However, The Mummy is more than a blatant Indiana Jones rip-off and filled with dazzling computer graphics The Mummy leads you around the mysterious world of ancient Egypt like never-before-seen.