Monday, 2 May 2011

Mission: Impossible - REVIEW

Film of the Day #68/ 300

Based on the popular TV show from the sixties, Brian De Palma’s revival of Mission: Impossible is a smart, action-packed thriller and surely one of the best films from the nineties. Tom Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt and the story follows the almost impossible task of clearing his name and finding the mole after his team is eliminated. It’s Bond on the run, Jason Bourne with a budget. However, unlike the 007 movies, this film focuses more on the espionage side of the spy life, instead of guns, sex and glamour. Mission: Impossible is a visual and cerebral treat; fun, suspenseful and sometimes a little exaggerated. The films’ strongest scenes hark back to the show – the opening teaser, the astonishing credits sequence, the vault break-in – but the writers have slotted references and ideas from the series into a clever and often underrated plot, managing a tricky balancing act in paying homage to the show without slavishly adhering to it. De Palma’s direction is captivating making this a classic movie. It’s exciting, suspenseful and downright unpredictable. Mission: Impossible is highly recommended if you choose to accept this mission. All togther now bum bum bumbum bum ba ba bum bum bum banabumbum behnownow behnow behnow...