Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hot Fuzz - REVIEW

Film of the Day #71/ 300

Director Edgar Wright and his co-writer, Simon Pegg, reveal their inner Bruckheimer, in this highly amusing action comedy. Hot Fuzz does for over-pumped cop action what Shaun of the Dead did for flesh-eating brainlessness. A brilliant deconstruction of genre, Hot Fuzz smoothly mimics its way through cop movie clich├ęs, and delivers action scenes worthy of the films their satirizing. Hot Fuzz parodies and honors its source material at the same time highlighting the genre's plentiful absurdities. What prevents Hot Fuzz from crossing over into already well-travelled Naked Gun territory is the constant bouncing of high-Hollywood style and the timid, teatime setting. Hilarious and intelligent in every frame, the brilliance of Hot Fuzz is simply arresting. This comedy gem is a true unique touch of British comedy genius and is a great watch time and time again.