Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wall Street - REVIEW

Film of the Day #74/ 300

Many people say that John Hughes defined the eighties. However, Oliver Stones’ 1987 movie Wall Street showed its true side and it was ugly. A dog eat dog society fuelled by greed, materialistic possessions, excess and drugs Wall Street is the truthful insight into eighties American lifestyle. Nevertheless, if you look deeper into the film you will appreciate the true intent of Stone. Super-slick, wickedly intelligent and definitely a thinking person's movie, Wall Street continues to strike a chord when looking back at a very unique time of American economic history. However, beyond the facade of tall buildings, stock trading and corporate takeovers lies the dawn of a new age and a time of electronic revolution. “Damn I wish you could see this” is a perfect hint of what Stone is trying to convey as Gekko watches the sun rise from the East. Even without knowledge of markets or stocks themselves, Wall Street is required viewing. Michael Douglas’ Oscar winning performance as ruthless, capitalist Gordon Gekko is a joy to watch, while credit must be given to Charlie Sheen for his part of making Wall Street a success. Rounding out the phenomenal cast is Sheen's father, Martin who adds credibility to the movie and almost steals the thunder from Douglas and his son.