Sunday, 15 May 2011

Crimson Tide - REVIEW

Film of the Day #80/ 300

Because of the contained environment, submarines make great settings for thrillers, with the throbbing of the engines sounding like a pulse. Crimson Tide is no exception- the atmosphere alone is sufficient to keep the audience on edge.  A riveting, high-testosterone nail-baiter, Crimson Tide is one of the rare nineties actions films that is as engaging today as it was over a decade ago. Tony Scott’s Crimson Tide is often compared with The Hunt for Red October because of the same claustrophobic setting. However, although both thought-provoking movies, Crimson Tide focuses on the collision of personalities between the captain and XO, artfully portrayed by Oscar winners Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington. What the film lacks in action it more than makes up for in sheer suspense and character development. It’s great to see a high-tech thriller that thrills because of its actors, not its special effects. Situations change rapidly and the immense suspense is relentless in this believable, tense and superbly acted war drama. I highly recommend this almost- forgotten, intelligent, think-persons submarine movie.