Monday, 16 May 2011

Minority Report - REVIEW

Film of the Day #81/ 300

In the future, murders are prevented before they are performed. Minority Report is yet another masterpiece from visionary director Steven Spielberg. Rarely have we seen a future world brought so vividly and believably to life as it is here. Set in 2054, Minority Report is a technical and visual masterpiece. Aided by astonishing production design, cinematography and special effects, Spielberg created a universe unlike any we have seen before. Minority Report is set in a future that, outside of the roads and constant eye-scans, still visually resembles the present and although filled with wonder and ingenuity, like magnetic cars, the future that Spielberg presents here is entirely believable. Minority Report is about as realistic as a future science-fiction thriller could possibly get. The wonderful screenplay combines intense drama with a good mixture of action, suspense and intrigue. Based on Philip K. Dick’s dystopian vision, Minority Report is a dark, complex and interesting movie that touches on important ethical dilemmas about the respect for individual freedom and the responsibilities of the citizens and the law. Rarely has Tom Cruise brought such dramatic intensity or such emotional depth to any character the way he does to John Anderton; a futuristic cop on the run. However, the real star of the film is Spielberg. Minority Report is truly the darkest movie of Spielberg’s career, nevertheless this is a movie filled with artistic high-lights, masterful direction and style. With the overwhelming intensity of its action sequences and in the quiet moments of subtle reflection, Spielberg offers the audience glimpses into the workings of the human heart. This is a magnificent, revitalising film for the science fiction genre and a further addition to Spielberg's glorious filmography.