Friday, 20 May 2011

Tropic Thunder - REVIEW

Film of the Day #86/ 300

A journey into Hollywood's heart of darkness. Tropic Thunder is a breathtakingly funny movie that expertly weaves together huge gut-level laughs with some very subtle and layered satire about show business. It’s a delicious metafictional take on war action movies, hero worship, and Hollywood banality, filled with bigger-than-life egos struggling with bigger-than-life problems. Directed by Ben Stiller, Tropic Thunder is a film that understands biting satire. It sets out to villainize the very people that made the film possible. It understands parody and it understands good comedy and delivers consistent laughs throughout. Tropic Thunder revels in its absurdity and wit. The screenplay provides a great basis for the humour and spurs the film on; however, it's truly the actors that take it to the next level. Robert Downey Jr's performance as the lost Australian actor Kirk Lazarus is perhaps one of the most standout performances in a comedy. Not only that, but Tom Cruise's Les may just be the engine that brings this film home. It’s both ridiculous and a furnace of hilarity; Tropic Thunder is the sharpest, nastiest, and most honest parody of the Hollywoodization of war. To utterly relish the insanity, brush up on 'Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse'.