Saturday, 21 May 2011

Life As We Know It - REVIEW

Film of the Day #87/ 300

Sometimes you watch a movie for a partner or loved one that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to view yourself; then every once in a while, you actually enjoy that movie. Life As We Know It is one of those movies. A genuinely heartfelt, sweetly sentimental movie that is surprisingly effective in the departments of both laughs and tears. You expect this to be just another romantic comedy that proves opposites attract. However, within Life As We Know It there is space for depth, drama and unpredictably one of the more twisted Hollywood meet-cute scenarios. Despite the film's initial overloading of suburban stereotypes, the easy gags about promiscuity, baby vomit and nappy changing gradually give way to a pretty decent, if strictly formulaic, tale about commitment and unexpected life changes. Give it a chance, and this is a pretty decent date movie to watch with the other half.