Friday, 27 May 2011

Up In The Air - REVIEW

Film of the Day #93/ 300

Director Jason Reitman defies conventional storytelling with this smart, light cosmopolitan comedy. Up in the Air is a witty and often delightful movie, in which Reitman further perfects his sharp, funny, and affecting seriocomic style in crafting films that wildly entertain in the moment and then linger long in the mind and heart. George Clooney is once again, extremely likeable and brilliant, as the amusingly callous Ray. However, what really makes Up in the Air take flight is its engaging, unpredictable and surprisingly moving stroyline. Reitman adaptation of Ryan Bingham’s novel is incisive and occasionally sad. A portrait of recession-era American and a  21st Century take on downsizing and dating in this no-strings attached age, Up in the Air is a charming, funny and touching classic.