Saturday, 28 May 2011

Thunderball - REVIEW

Film of the Day #94/ 300

Out of all the official entries of the James Bond series, Thunderball is often mentioned as ‘the underwater one’. A larger than life adventure, the fourth 007 film marked the peak of Bondmania in the sixties. Thunderball was the biggest, most lavish, and longest Bond film at that time and was the most popular of its day. An entertaining movie experience, Thunderball blends impressive action sequences with style and wit. The exquisite look of the film is what really makes Thunderball a truly great Bond film - it's incomparable to the rest of the series. The great wide shots, brilliant underwater filming, and exotic Caribbean locations create a terrific epic look for the film. Sean Connery is at the peak of his fame as 007 and his character is a definitive portrait of the suave sophisticated super spy. Thunderball is easily one of my personal favourite Bond films; it may be formulaic and mark the point at which spectacular hardware began to dominate the series, however Thunderball is one of the biggest and most Fleming-esque Bond films ever made. Featuring a terrific music score from John Barry, Thunderball gave 007 as License to Thrill and its one and only Oscar win.