Friday, 6 May 2011

Beverly Hills Cop II - REVIEW

Film of the Day #72/ 300

The original Beverley Hills Cop is one of those films that remains a cult classic because of the fact that it's such a product of the time it was made. This quintessential eighties style is carried over to the sequel, made three years later. Beverly Hills Cop II sees Eddie Murphy return as wisecracking Detroit police officer Axel Foley and return to Beverly Hills to help avenge the attack of a friend and solve the case of ‘The Alphabet Killer’. While the sequel tones down some of the comedy, the action is upped to the max courtesy of director Tony Scott. Although panned by critics, in many ways Beverly Hills Cop II is superior to the original. The relationships and chemistry built upon by the returning characters portrayed by Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Ronny Cox, and Paul Reiser give the film emotion and drive, while Brigitte Nielsons’ ice cold beauty and stature alone make her a memorable and impressive villainess. I highly recommend that you once again watch Axel go “deep, deep undercover” and enjoy the many faces of Eddie Murphy along the way.