Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cobra - REVIEW

Film of the Day #106/ 300

The cool poster promises so much more than you actually get, however, Cobra was made back in the days when macho action flicks featuring one-man armies reigned supreme. This violent and cheesy Stallone vehicle is pure entertainment and undoubtedly one of the greatest guilty pleasures ever made. Cobra is one of those exploitation movies that you either love or you hate, but either way Cobra is classic 80’s action at its best and most cliché. Sylvester Stallone stars as Lieutenant Marion Cobretti, a trigger-happy L.A cop who shows little mercy to the scum of society. With a match in his mouth, wearing reflective aviators, black leather gloves and matching jacket, tight jeans, boots and stubble, Cobra is quite possibly the coolest cop ever created. However, what makes Cobra such an undeniable masterpiece is the films graceful and witty one-liners; only in the eighties could Stallone write and deliver such poignant and thought-provoking dialogue that will live on forever in our memories. When Cobra finds himself face to face with the nutcase threatening to blow up a supermarket, Stallone deadpans “Go ahead... I don’t shop here.” Therefore, I would like to nominate Cobra for being the coolest B-movie to ever reached a multiplex, and begin a rallying cry for a sequel 25 years on!