Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Running Man - REVIEW

Film of the Day #116/ 300

Possibly the most underrated movie of all time; The Running Man is often dismissed as being just another Schwarzenegger action thriller full of explosions, bad puns and gunfire, and to be fair, there is a lot of that in it. However, of all of Arnie’s mid-eighties movies who would have thought that the most relevant today would be The Running Man. A chilling and surprising realistic tale of reality television gone mad, The Running Man may have been far-fetched back then but not so now. In the near future, convicted criminals are forced to take part in a sadistic game show called ‘The Running Man’ where felons are hunted down and killed live on National television for the entertainment of millions. Based on a story by Richard Bachman, aka Stephen King writing under a pseudonym, The Running Man is an action-packed and adrenaline punched classic in which Arnold proves his talent is not just in his biceps. However, Richard Dawson steals the show as immoral host Killian, who’s dedicated to making capital punishment a spectator sport. This is my personal favourite Arnie movie and I highly recommend that you also enter the arena. It’s show time!