Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Batman - REVIEW

Film of the Day #126/ 300

Director Tim Burton effectively echoes the visual style of the original Bob Kane comics while conjuring up a nightmarish world of his own. In 1989, Batman was easily the biggest box-office hit of the year; this was the movie that gave birth to summer blockbuster. However, Burton’s successful reinvention may be a testament more to its massive marketing campaign than to its quality. Uneven in tone, but towering with influential design Burton bought film noir elements to Batman elevating it to a dark, demented opera of style and violence. Jack Nicholson’s hall-of-fame performance does indeed blow everybody else off the screen; however, sometimes it seems this movie should be called Joker instead of Batman. Nonetheless, there are many elements that still remain impressive today and Michael Keaton’s role as the dark knight may be one of the most underrated performances of modern cinema.