Saturday, 16 July 2011

Alien VS Predator - REVIEW

Film of the Day #143/ 300

The critically panned showdown between two of Hollywood’s most iconic monsters is an underrated movie that succeeds in pure visceral action. Director Paul W. S. Anderson’s amalgamation of both the celebrated and renowned franchises was never intended to wins Oscars or critic’s views. Instead Alien Vs Predator was made to satisfy over a decade’s worth of rumours. There's a scene in Predator 2 that occurs towards the end of the film, where Lt. Mike Harrigan ventures into the Predator spaceship and accidentally stumbles onto the alien hunter's trophy room, and neatly placed towards the back amongst the various awards, was an alien skull. Those 10 seconds of film spawned AVP and what’s not to love? This is cinema of dreams; two of the deadliest species finally going head-to-head in an all out war to the death. Nonetheless, before the all-out mayhem takes place, AVP is clever enough to keep its audience waiting. Anderson builds and intriguing story that reveals the history of both species, whilst building tension and intrigue. It’s not grounding breaking and it’s not revolutionary, but it is just as exciting as its premise. Alien Vs Predator; whoever wins, we lose!