Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Pink Panther - REVIEW

Film of the Day #170/ 300

Peter Sellers was Inspector Clouseau. However, Steve Martin manages to capture the humorous essence of the character for a new generation. The Pink Panther does justice to the old Blake Edwards crime comedies, whilst preserving and enduring the longevity of an incredible and intoxicating series. This is not a remake, but a reimagining that is almost as good as the best of the Seller’s movies and far better than the worst. Martin is charming as Clouseau and does a good job stumbling and bumbling his way around Paris in search of the missing Pink Panther diamond. This is an underrated cinematic performance that proves Martin as one of the comedy greats. The Pink Panther is an amusing and entertaining film, depending on your tolerance of slapstick and odd accents. Steve Martin is no Peter Sellers, but he still makes a winning Inspector Clouseau.