Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Meet the Parents - REVIEW

Film of the Day #198/ 300

If cinema has taught me anything, it’s never to name your son Gaylord, especially when your surname is Focker. Meet the Parents is the ultimate tale of acceptance and approval. Ben Stiller plays Greg, a young man who endures a disastrous weekend after failing to impress his girlfriend’s Father and family friends. In order to save his relationship, Greg resorts to deception and lies in order to win their admiration. Meet the Parents is one of those must-see comedy movies; the film takes a simple and common problem every person will have to suffer at some stage of their life and makes it a hilarious situation comedy that audiences young and old will be able to relate and associate with. Robert De Niro leads a star filled cast that includes wonderful cameo performances throughout. When first impressions are everything, Meet the Parents is the definitive guide on what not to do and how not to behave. However, as a young man who has been through those awkward and embarrassing moments, Meet the Parents makes you want to go back and become reacquainted with the in-laws all over again... or possibly not.