Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Licence to Kill - REVIEW

Film of the Day #204/ 300

Often overlooked and underrated by James Bond fans, License to Kill is not a traditional 007 movie. License to Kill is a grittier and more ruthless 007 adventure. The movie often feels more like a typical eighties action movie, than a bona fide James Bond film, however, as the Cold War came to an end and films like Die Hard and Rambo became blockbuster hits the 007 series has to change and adapt the times. Dalton is a dark and serious 007 and although he may lack the charisma of Connery, Dalton is the closest Bond to Fleming’s literary origin. License to Kill is a taut and gripping action film that proved the 007 legacy could continue to compete with contemporary blockbusters and entertain cinema audiences. It’s a shame Dalton was never given another opportunity to establish himself as a memorable 007, that not only had a License to Kill but also thrill.