Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The World is Not Enough - REVIEW

Film of the Day #211/ 300

Superbly directed by Michael Apted, the nineteenth James Bond film is a superior and satisfying cinematic experience that holds up respectably in the hugely popular series. The World is Not Enough proves that a movie with formula isn’t always a terrible thing, for as long as gorgeous women, sadistic villains and special-effects exist, James Bond lives. Pierce Brosnan’s third portrayal as 007 is a performance of charm and sophistication matched only by the wonderful Sophie Marceau; easily the best female foil Bond had had in years. Supported by the menacing Robert Carlyle as Renard, The World is Not Enough is an entertaining and underrated movie that is complete with character depth and emotion, not forgetting one of the best 007 quips in the franchise. For Bond fans only!