Sunday, 9 October 2011

You Only Live Twice - REVIEW

Film of the Day #216/ 300

The fifth instalment in the James Bond franchise is an iconic masterpiece of cinema. With Sean Connery eying retirement from the role of 007, You Only Live Twice sees James Bond travel to the Far East to save the world from a rocket-launching volcano. You Only Live Twice is a classic, if somewhat underrated, James Bond adventure typically remembered for Ken Adam’s impressive sets. However, You Only Live Twice also features terrific performances from Donald Pleasance and Tetsuro Tamba, a memorable title song sung by Nancy Sinatra, as well as mesmerizing title sequence designed by Maurice Binder. Written by Roald Dahl and expertly directed by Lewis Gilbert, You Only Live Twice introduced audiences to an avant-garde 007; complete with contemporary plots, technology and gadgets, James Bond embraced the space race of the sixties and delivered an entertaining and action-packed 007 formula imitated by many, but never bettered.