Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Avengers - REVIEW

Film of the Day #225/ 300

The Avengers was one of the cleverest and most original television programmes of the nineteen-sixties. Unfortunately, The Avengers cinematic adaptation is a mind-bending British spy adventure that was rightly critically condemned for his outlandish plot, ridiculous action sequences and appalling acting.  As a fan of the famous sixties television show, The Avengers should have been a cinematic triumph. Boasting an incredible cast that included a suave Ralph Fiennes and a villainous Sean Connery, The Avengers ought to have encapsulated an incredible series. Nonetheless, The Avengers is a missed cinematic opportunity; however, the movie does play homage to series and unless you are an avid fan of the series, I doubt you would appreciate the films numerous in-jokes and references. Even so, permit the film one viewing at least and then revisit the original series and for a glimpse of the true Steed and Mrs. Peel.