Monday, 7 November 2011

Diamonds Are Forever - REVIEW

Film of the Day #236/ 300

Following mixed reviews of OHMSS, George Lazenby left the role of 007 after only one outing. Inclined to re-establish the waning James Bond series, producers decided to return to the winning formula of Goldfinger. Producers hired director Guy Hamilton, and although Diamonds are Forever may lack the style and substance of the previous entries in the 007 franchise, the film does see the return of Sean Connery to the role of James Bond. Nonetheless, for all of the gimmicks and humour added to make the film an entertain escape following the tense tone of OHMSS, Diamonds are Forever is a distended 007 adventure designed to break the American market. Before Connery accepted the one million dollar plus paycheque to return as the world’s most famous spy, producers had offered the role to American John Gavin. Then film is evident confirmation of James Bond’s Americanisation; Set in Nevada, only fragments of Ian Fleming’s original novel survived in order to make James Bond’s appeal global to protect and endorse the ailing series. Nevertheless, Diamonds are Forever bought 007 into the seventies and continued the legacy on Bond.