Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Django Unchained - REVIEW

Quentin, you’ve had my attention; but now you have my heart. Delivering another intense and bloody brutal masterpiece, the King of yarn has once again spun an intoxicating web of weapons and words. Captivating and liberating, Django Unchained is an eloquent exploration into the time of white cake and slavery. Radiating revenge and retribution, Tarantino loquaciously fabricates a simmering tale loaded with shots of vengeance and whippings of aversion.

Accomplished and assured, Tarantino confidently honours an almost forgotten genre. However, this is not the heavy spurred stride of a tired outlaw across the worn terrain of the Spaghetti-Western; this is the confident swagger of an outcast as he escapes the shadows of oppression. Jamie Foxx exhilarates as the afflicted freedom fighter, Django, while Leonardo DiCaprio fascinates as the repulsive face of supremacy. Yet, it’s Christoph Waltz who dazzles most as the enchanting and eccentric, Dr. King Schultz; stealing each scene with a whimsical vernacular only offered by a filmmaker at the very top of the Hollywood A-list. However, as with all quintessential-Tarantino, what stands out is the intensity of the moment that often leads to violence. Tarantino has said that ‘the threat of violence is another character in the room.’ Django Unchained does not have another character; but, an additional cast.

The D in Django may be silent however, Quentin’s Fistful of Bastards are as rare and rambunctious as any of his creations. Wanted: Dead or Alive. But, I sure do like the way you die, boy.